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“Christmas Eve Miracle from Space”
Release date
December 24th, 2018
Version chronology
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Version history served to balance and fix many long standing bugs, vanilla inconsistencies and poorly designed features and mechanics.



  • Reworked the Star Scouter boss encounter with new visuals, sprites and some changed fight mechanics.
  • Rebalanced all pre-hardmode bosses.
  • Added Onyx and Opal to the Extractinator loot table, having equal chance as other vanilla gems (except for Amber).
  • Removed Subwoofer buffs.
  • Changed Magma Slab to Magma Bar.
  • Changed Conflagration Potion crafting recipe.
  • Changed life shield so that any increase you get towards your maximum life heals that amount as well.
  • Changed Metallurgy Shields from an in-combat life shield generator to a constant life shield generator & stops decay.
  • Changed Metallurgy Shields so that they no longer have an equip limit.
  • Changed Gem Rings so that you may only equip one at a time.
  • Changed Onyx Ring & Enchanted Onyx Ring from crit damage to armor pen.
  • Changed The Ring to include Onyx's new armor pen.
  • Changed Crietz from a crit bonus to an AoE damage effect on crit.
  • Changed Subwoofers to simply give chance on-hit debuff effects to you and nearby ally attacks.
  • Changed Thor's Hammer - Melee effect from a small buff to a chance on-hit stun effect.
  • Changed Counter Strike so it now gives +100% crit and +20% melee speed.
  • Changed Enchanted Pickaxe so that they are less common.
  • Changed extra loot from all Chests to be more in line with vanilla.
  • Changed Octopus so that they now drop Black Ink.
  • Changed Blacksmith so that he now sells the Sharpening Station in hardmode.
  • Changed Balladeer's Turbo Tuba and Celestial Carrier flight mechanics.
  • Changed Wyvern Slayer to now be sold by the Weapon Master.
  • Changed stats and effects of all Hooks.
  • Changed Vertebrae so that it may now be crafted into Leather.
  • Changed some vertebrae requiring recipes to now require Leather instead.
  • Changed Avian Cartilage to drop after Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated.
  • Changed Potions so that they all have the same useTime as vanilla.
  • Changed Suspicious Golden Keys so that they now spawn Lihzahrd Mimics if the chest it is placed in is in front of natural Lihzahrd Brick Walls.
  • Changed Water Chestnut drop rates in the Aquatic Depths to be half as much.
  • Changed World Gen so that there will always be at least 1 of each possible rare item in Depth Chests and Scarlet Chests for each world, and both Chests are now more common.
  • Changed drop chances, sell prices and tooltips on many items.
  • Changed Ghostly Grapple, Devil's Reach and Leviathan hooks so that their dusts are affected by dyes.
  • Changed Strange Plating and Life-Powered Energy Cell to be more random in their drop amount, and slightly increased their amount in expert.
  • Changed crate loot to be more in line with Vanillas.
  • Changed Balladeer's Turbo Tuba:
    • Reduced default wingtime, ascent and horizontal speed stats
    • Pressing down while ascending increases flight time, reduces ascent speed and increases horizontal speed
    • Pressing up while ascending reduces flight time, increases ascent speed and reduces horizontal speed
    • Polished the dust effects, which are now affected by dyes
  • Changed Celestial Carrier:
    • Reduced default ascent and horizontal speed stats
    • While gliding, horizontal speed is increased, and pressing the up button decreases falling speed even more
    • Polished the dust effects, which are now affected by dyes


  • Buffed Diamond Ring to include Onyx's old crit damage boost.
  • Buffed Gem Ring non-damage values from 2 (not enchanted) / 3 (enchanted) to 3 (not enchanted) / 5 (enchanted).
  • Buffed Palm Cross to deal double damage and burn most undead enemies, not just skeletons.
  • Buffed Life Pulse Staff from 35 maximum heal to 100 maximum heal over full duration.
  • Buffed Li'l Cherub's Wand maximum heal amount from 2 to 5 and increased the frequency of the angels heal.
  • Buffed Onyx Staff damage from 16 to 18, use time from 33 to 31, knockback from 3.75 to 4 and velocity from 7.25 to 7.5.
  • Buffed Searing Blade damage from 78 to 100, crit from 4% to 20%, use time from 29 to 19 and it now autoswings.
  • Buffed Ball n' Chain to now grant immunity to Shambler Balls.
  • Buffed Coral Helmet to now grant 5% damage reduction when wet.
  • Buffed Eye of Odin summon's attack rate.
  • Buffed Glacial Sting use time from 20 to 18.
  • Buffed Rocket Fist use time from 38 to 30 but decreased damage from 38 to 34.
  • Buffed Healthy, Wizard and Survivalist's Boots to decrease movement penalties for the respective resource regen.
  • Buffed Star Trail damage from 32 to 35 but nerfed projectile damage to 50%.
  • Buffed Goblin War Shield to also grant 2 life recovery while standing still.


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