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Aquaite Bar
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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeCrafting material
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions1 wide × 1 high
Use time15 Very Fast
Tooltip'Condensation clings to the bar'
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell1450*14 Silver Coin.png 50 Copper Coin.png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Strange Crate (After The Queen Jellyfish, Before Hardmode) 3-9 25%
Strange Crate (Hardmode, Before Plantera) 3-9 8.33%
Strange Crate (After Plantera) 3-9 3.57%

Aquaite Bars are crafted with 5 Aquaite at a Furnace. In addition to being crafted, they can also be found in the Aquatic Depths Chest and can be obtained from Strange Crates after defeating The Queen Jellyfish.



Crafting Station
Ingredient(s) Amount
Aquaite.png Aquaite 5
Aquaite Bar.png Aquaite Bar 1

Used in[]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Key of Tides.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (8) Work Bench.pngWork Bench
Soul of Light.pngSoul of Light (5)
Soul of Night.pngSoul of Night (5)
Depth's Rock.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (2)
Marine Rock.pngMarine Rock (50)
Depth's Wall.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar
Marine Rock.pngMarine Rock (25)
Depth Chest.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (4)
Refined Marine Block.pngRefined Marine Block (10)
Jolly Roger.png Blank Painting.pngBlank Painting
Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (5)
Hydro Pickaxe.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (12) Iron Anvil.pngIron Anvil /
Lead Anvil.pngLead Anvil
Hydro Axe.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (10)
Hydro Mallet.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (10)
Illustrious.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (8)
Pearl.pngPearl (12)
Pearl Pike.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (8)
Pearl.pngPearl (15)
Drenched Dirk.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (10)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (6)
Shark Storm.png Illegal Gun Parts.pngIllegal Gun Parts
Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (8)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (4)
Aqua Pelter.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (14)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (6)
Geyser Staff.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (15)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (5)
Aquaite Knife.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (2)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales
Cleansing Water Pouch.png Silk.pngSilk (8)
Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (12)
Aquaite Scythe.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (14)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (5)
Aquamarine Wineglass.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (8)
Chrono Ocarina.png Living Leaf.pngLiving Leaf
Magma Bar.pngMagma Bar
Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar
Soul of Night.pngSoul of Night
Forbidden Fragment.pngForbidden Fragment
Soul of Light.pngSoul of Light
Scuba Curva.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (10)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (6)
Tide Hunter's Cap.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (8)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (4)
Tide Hunter Chestpiece.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (12)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (8)
Tide Hunter Leggings.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (10)
Depth Scales.pngDepth Scales (6)
Depth Diver's Helmet.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (10)
Depth Diver's Chestplate.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (18)
Depth Diver's Greaves.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (14)
Iridescent Staff.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (10) Mythril Anvil.pngMythril Anvil /
Orichalcum Anvil.pngOrichalcum Anvil
Pearl.pngPearl (6)
Pixie Dust.pngPixie Dust (15)
Calming Spirit.png Aquaite Bar.pngAquaite Bar (4) Demon Altar.pngDemon Altar /
Crimson Altar.pngCrimson Altar
Thorium Bar.pngThorium Bar (6)
Arcane Dust.pngArcane Dust (15)


  • One should bring items that aid in breathing underwater to mine Aquaite, as the Aquatic Depths are filled with water.