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Artificer's Shield
  • Artificer's Shield item sprite
  • Artificer's Shield equipped
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TooltipReduces the amount of knockback you take from getting hit
Grants 2 defense for every 20 artificer's energy you have
Taking damage saps 20 artificer's energy
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell6000*60 Silver Coin.png

The Artificer's Shield is a craftable accessory that halves the amount of knockback the player receives from taking damage. Additionally, it provides increased defense based on the player's Artificer's Energy, increasing it by 2 for every 20 artificer's energy up to a maximum of 10 additional defense. However, each strike dealt by enemies to the player will reduce their artificer's energy by 20.



Crafting Station
Tinkerer's Workshop.pngTinkerer's Workshop
Ingredient(s) Amount
Blacksmith's Barrier.png Blacksmith's Barrier 1
Mana Crystal.png Mana Crystal 1
Arcane Dust.png Arcane Dust 10
Artificer's Shield.png Artificer's Shield 1

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    • Now requires Artificer's Energy instead of mana to function.
    • Renamed from "Enchanted Shield" to "Artificer's Shield".
    • Sprite updated.
    • Rebalanced Enchanted Shield effect from 15% damage reduction when above 20% mana to 1 defense for every 20 mana.
    • Now reduces player knockback instead of negating it.
  • Cobalt Shield replaced with Blacksmith's Barrier in recipe.
  • Defense reduced from 6 to 2, but now grants 15% damage reduction above 20% mana.
  • Introduced.