Thorium Mod Wiki
Bone FlayerHardmode exclusive
Bone Flayer.png
TypeFlying EnemyUndead Enemy
EnvironmentThe Underworld
AI TypeBat AI
Damage50 / 100 (Ranged)
40 / 80 (Melee)
Max Life300 / 600
KB Resist70% / 73%
Inflicts debuffOn Fire!.pngOn Fire!
100% chance
Debuff duration5 seconds / 10 seconds
Debuff tooltipSlowly losing life
Immune toOn Fire!.pngConfused.pngPoisoned.pngVenom.png
BannerBone Flayer Banner.pngBone Flayer Banner
Coins400*4 Silver Coin.png

The Bone Flayer is an enemy found in The Underworld in Hardmode. In addition to dealing contact damage, it shoots two accelerating orange bolts at the player which inflicts the On Fire! debuff and then launches greek flames that linger on the ground for a few seconds. It is not damaged when it comes in contact with lava (like most other underworld monsters).


    • Buffed maximum life from 280 / 560 to 300 / 600.
    • Sprite updated.
  • Changed immunities.
    • Is now a Hardmode enemy; stats changed appropriately.
    • Visuals updated.
  • Visuals updated.
  • Introduced.