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Boss Mask
  • Bird Mask.png Beholder Mask.png Mask of Death.png
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Body slotSocial Helmet
RarityRarity Level: 1
Rarity Level: 3 (The Primordials)
All Masks equipped
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Boss Masks are vanity items dropped by most of the bosses added by Thorium. They are worn in the social head slot, like vanilla masks. Each boss has a 10% chance to drop its own mask.


Pre-Hardmode Masks
Bird Mask.png Bird Mask
Jellyfish Hat.png Jellyfish Hat
Count Mask.png Count Mask
Energy Storm Mask.png Energy Storm Mask
Champion's Helmet.png Champion's Helmet
Star Mask.png Star Mask
Hardmode Masks
Borean Strider Mask.png Borean Strider Mask
Beholder Mask.png Beholder Mask
Lich's Grim Hood.png Lich's Grim Hood
Abyssion Mask.png Abyssion Mask
Mask of Tides.png Mask of Tides
Mask of Flame.png Mask of Flame
Mask of Death.png Mask of Death


  • Patch Werk, Corpse Bloom, and the Illusionist do not drop a mask.
  • Defeating The Primordials grants a chance for each mask to drop individually, which means more than 1 of the masks may drop at the same time. This also applies for the Treasure Bag.