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Christmas Cheer
  • Christmas Cheer item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage70 Radiant
Knockback6.5 Strong
Critical chance4%
Use time21 Fast
TooltipGrants 2 soul essence on direct hit
Rapidly spins the spirit of Christmas all around you
Releases a harmless, but freezing icicle on swing
Grants BuffSoul Essence.pngSoul Essence
Buff tooltipUpon reaching 5 stacks of soul essence, you recover (<Bonus Healing>) health and (<3 × Bonus Healing>) mana
Inflicts DebuffFreezing.pngFreezing
Debuff duration3 seconds
Debuff tooltipThis enemies movement speed is noticeably lowered
RarityRarity Level: 8
Sell100000*10 Gold Coin.png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Everscream 1 6.67%

The Christmas Cheer is a Hardmode radiant weapon that is dropped by Everscream during the Frost Moon event. When swung, it will produce a double-edged scythe that spins in a full circle around the player, damaging enemies and giving off green particle effects. In addition, it will fling icicles in the direction of the nearest enemy within 50 blocks of the player, which deal no damage but inflict the Freezing debuff, significantly decreasing their movement speed; however, bosses cannot receive this effect.

Upon directly striking an enemy, the user will gain 2 stacks of Soul Essence. The icicles will not grant any soul essence.


  • The icicle will pass through any enemy that already has been afflicted with Freezing; while this prevents keeping a single enemy slowed for an extended duration, it can allow the icicle to slow an enemy behind an already slowed one.


  • The sprite for this item was the winner of the Thorium Mod Discord's Spriting Contest for Week 16, made by catsounds.


  • Nerfed damage from 74 to 70, attack rate, and knockback from 8 to 6.5.
  • Sprite updated.
  • Added Soul Essence mechanic.
    • Increased damage from 60 to 74 and knockback from 6.5 to 8.
    • Right-click attack removed.
  • Knockback increased from 4 to 6.5.
  • Introduced.