Cinder String

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Cinder String
  • Cinder String item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Uses ammoArrows
Damage27 Ranged
Knockback3 Very Weak
Critical chance4%
Use time29 Average
TooltipTurns wooden arrows into a blast of flame
Inflicts DebuffOn Fire!.pngOn Fire!
Debuff duration3 seconds
Debuff tooltipSlowly losing life
RarityRarity Level: 4
Sell20000*2 Gold Coin.png

The Cinder String is a Hardmode bow crafted from Molten Residue, Hellstone Bars and Souls of Night. It turns any Wooden Arrow it fires into a blast of 3 flame projectiles, which are shot in a spread and inflict the On Fire! debuff to hit enemies.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Mythril Anvil.pngMythril Anvil /
Orichalcum Anvil.pngOrichalcum Anvil
Ingredient(s) Amount
Molten Residue.png Molten Residue 5
Hellstone Bar.png Hellstone Bar 10
Soul of Night.png Soul of Night 4
Cinder String.png Cinder String 1

History[edit | edit source]

  • Nerfed velocity from 15 to 9.
  • Nerfed damage from 34 to 27, use time from 23 to 29, projectile damage from 100% to 75%, and knockback from 5 to 3.
  • Decreased critical strike chance from 10% to 4%.
  • Use time increased from 21 to 23.
  • Sprite updated.
  • Introduced.
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