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Coalesced Energy
Coalesced Energy.png
EnvironmentGranite Cave
AI TypeBarrier AI
Damage30 / 40
Max Life100 / 150
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused.png
Encroaching Energy
Encroaching Energy.png
TypeFlying Enemy
EnvironmentGranite Cave
AI TypeBat AI
Damage20 / 30
Max Life25 / 50
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffGranite Surge.pngGranite Surge
100% chance
Debuff duration3 seconds
Debuff tooltipToo much energy is causing damage and lowered defense
Immune toConfused.png

The Coalesced Energy is an enemy summoned by the Granite Energy Storm. Multiple will encircle the boss when it spawns. When killed, they become Encroaching Energy, which will home in on the player and deal damage. If left alone, the Coalesced Energy will be refreshed after some time.

In Expert Mode, if there are any Coalesced Energy left when the core refreshes them, they will be shot at the player for massive damage.


  • Sprites updated.
  • Buffed Expert mode multiplayer life bonus from 50 health per additional player to 100 health.
    • Coalesced Energy
      • Decreased life from 145 / 185 to 100 / 150, damage from 40 / 50 to 30 / 40 and removed 5 defense in Expert Mode.
      • Life now scales in Expert Mode multiplayer (+50 per additional player).
    • Encroaching Energy
      • Decreased life from 30 / 50 to 25 / 50 and damage from 25 / 30 to 20 / 30.
  • Can no longer block piercing projectiles.
  • Introduced.