Dread Fork

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Dread Fork
  • Dread Fork item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage50 Melee
Knockback5 Average
Critical chance4%
Use time27 Average
TooltipSends out a volatile after image
Damage expels offensive dread energy
Inflicts DebuffCursed Inferno.pngCursed Inferno
Debuff duration2 seconds spear and after image
1 second dread energy
Debuff tooltipLosing life
RarityRarity Level: 7
Sell21600*2 Gold Coin.png 16 Silver Coin.png

The Dread Fork is a Hardmode spear that is crafted with Dread Souls. It shoots an after image projectile which hits and pierces through multiple enemies. Dealing damage with either the spear or the after image will expel a dread energy particle that surrounds the player for 5 seconds or until it finds a nearby enemy to home in on and damage. The spear, projectile, and dread energy all inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff to hit enemies, and all emit light and particles.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Soul Forge.pngSoul Forge
Ingredient(s) Amount
Dread Soul.png Dread Soul 8
Dread Fork.png Dread Fork 1

History[edit | edit source]

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