Thorium Mod Wiki

Enemy Repellents are a type of consumable item provided every half day by the Confused Zombie for . Each provides the player with a buff that makes a particular variety of enemy temporarily passive, meaning they will neither chase the player nor deal damage to them.

Only one repellent can be used at a time, and activating a second will cancel the first.

All repellents will last for 10 minutes, except for the Skeleton Repellent and Insect Repellent, which last only 5.


Repellent Buff Makes passive
Bat Repellent.pngBat Repellent Repellent - Bats.pngRepellent - Bats Bat-type enemies
Fish Repellent.pngFish Repellent Repellent - Fish.pngRepellent - Fish Fish-type enemies
Insect Repellent.pngInsect Repellent Repellent - Insects.pngRepellent - Insects Insect-type enemies
Skeleton Repellent.pngSkeleton Repellent Repellent - Skeletons.pngRepellent - Skeletons Skeleton-type enemies
Zombie Repellent.pngZombie Repellent Repellent - Zombies.pngRepellent - Zombies Zombie-type enemies