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Type Debuff
Effects Non-consumable throwing damage quickly decreases to 1
Tooltip Some throwing items are now much weaker

Exhaustion is a debuff that quickly lowers the damage of all non-consumable throwing weapons to an unusable state. While the player has the debuff, each time any such weapon is used, its damage will be decreased by 20%, until they only deal 1 damage. All non-consumable throwing weapons trigger this debuff after the player has reached their 'Exhaustion Cap'. This cap can be increased with the Canteen and Mermaid's Canteen.

Once the debuff has run the full 20 seconds, all affected weapons regain their damage.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From weapon[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
Naiad's Shiv.pngNaiad's Shiv 20 seconds 1/1 (100%)
upon wielder when reaching exhaustion cap
Light's Anguish.pngLight's Anguish
Champion's God Hand.pngChampion's God Hand
Gauss Flinger.pngGauss Flinger
Hot Pot.pngHot Pot
Rocket Fist.pngRocket Fist
Volt Hatchet.pngVolt Hatchet
Swamp Rot.pngSwamp Rot
The Cryo-Fang.pngThe Cryo-Fang
Hadron Collider.pngHadron Collider
Spark Taser.pngSpark Taser
True Embowelment.pngTrue Embowelment
True Light's Anguish.pngTrue Light's Anguish
True Carnwennan.pngTrue Carnwennan
Terra Knife.pngTerra Knife
Fire Axe.pngFire Axe
Stalker's Snippers.pngStalker's Snippers
Soul Cleaver.pngSoul Cleaver
Shade Kusarigama.pngShade Kusarigama
Pharaoh's Slab.pngPharaoh's Slab
The Black Dagger.pngThe Black Dagger
Dragon Fang.pngDragon Fang
Terrarium Ripple Knife.pngTerrarium Ripple Knife
Star Eater.pngStar Eater
Angel's End.pngAngel's End
Tidal Wave.pngTidal Wave
Deity's Trefork.pngDeity's Trefork

History[edit | edit source]

    • Nerfed base amount by 20%.
    • Added 10% Exhaustion recovery after killing an enemy with a non-consumable throwing weapon.
  • Buffed base amount by 25%.
  • Introduced.
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