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Fishing Pole
  • Marine Catcher.png Cartilaged Catcher.png Terrarium Whale Catcher.png
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Use time7 Insanely Fast

The Thorium Mod adds 7 new Fishing Poles to the game.


Fishing Pole Source Fishing Power Velocity Sell Rarity Notes Projectile Created
Marine Catcher.png Marine Catcher
Sold by Diverman (25000*2 Gold Coin.png 50 Silver Coin.png) 25% 14 5000*50 Silver Coin.png Rarity Level: 2 Bobber (Marine).png Bobber Marine
Cartilaged Catcher.png Cartilaged Catcher
Dropped by Hammerhead 35% 15.5 20000*2 Gold Coin.png Rarity Level: 2 Bobber (Shark).png Bobber Shark
Granite Control Rod.png Granite Control Rod
Granite Energy Core.pngGranite Energy Core (10)
  @   Iron Anvil.png / Lead Anvil.png
30% 12 8000*80 Silver Coin.png Rarity Level: 3 Bobber (Granite).png Bobber Granite
Champion's Catcher.png Champion's Catcher
Bronze Alloy Fragments.pngBronze Alloy Fragments (10)
  @   Iron Anvil.png / Lead Anvil.png
30% 12 8000*80 Silver Coin.png Rarity Level: 3 Bobber (Champion).png Bobber Champion
Geode Gatherer.png Geode Gatherer
Geode.pngGeode (10)
  @   Mythril Anvil.png / Orichalcum Anvil.png
38% 12 10000*1 Gold Coin.png Rarity Level: 4 Bobber (Geode).png Bobber Geode
R'lyeh's Lost Rod.png R'lyeh's Lost Rod
Dropped by Abyssion, The Forgotten One 45% 12 13000*1 Gold Coin.png 30 Silver Coin.png Rarity Level: 8 Bobber (R'lyeh).png Bobber R'lyeh
Terrarium Whale Catcher.png Terrarium Whale Catcher
Golden Fishing Rod.pngGolden Fishing Rod
Terrarium Core.pngTerrarium Core (8)
  @   Ancient Manipulator.png
60% 18 250000*25 Gold Coin.png Rarity Level: rainbow
  • Casts three bobbers at once
  • Kills Whales instantly
Bobber (Terrarium).png Bobber Terrarium


  • The Terrarium Whale Catcher surpasses the Golden Fishing Rod as the strongest fishing rod in the game.


  • Added fishing line colors.
    • Added chance to fish Intact Geodes with Geode Gatherer.
    • Cartilaged Catcher and Geode Gatherer sprites updated.
    • Introduced Granite Control Rod, Champion's Catcher, Geode Gatherer, and R'lyeh's Lost Rod.
    • Updated Marine Catcher sprite.
  • Buffed Marine Catcher velocity from 11 to 14, Cartilaged Catcher from 11 to 15.5, and Terrarium Whale Catcher from 11 to 18.
  • Terrarium Whale Catcher is now crafted at Ancient Manipulator and gained the ability to instantly kill whales.
  • Introduced the Cartilaged Catcher.
  • Introduced the Terrarium Whale Catcher.
  • Introduced the Marine Catcher.