Thorium Mod Wiki

The Thorium Mod adds a new enemy to the Frost Legion event, as well as 5 new weapon drops. It also adds the ability to craft the event's summoning item, the Snow Globe, at any time of the year using 10 Glass, 25 Snow Blocks, 2 Souls of Light, and 2 Souls of Night at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.


Frost Legion
Characters Unique Drops
Snow Singa.pngSnow Singa


Snow Singa Banner.pngSnow Singa Banner

From Snow Ballas:

Legion Ornament.pngLegion Ornament

From Mister Stabbies:

Back Stabber.pngBack Stabber

From Snowman Gangstas:

Tommy Gun.pngTommy Gun

From Snow Singas:

Snow Block.pngSnow Block
Eskimo Banjo.pngEskimo Banjo

From any Frost Legion enemy:

Hail Bomber.pngHail Bomber
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