Thorium Mod Wiki

There are 5 new Game Controls that have to be assigned manually by the player upon starting a new world.

Action Wiki Icon Default key Notes
Armor Ability Armor Ability G Activates specific Armor Abilities that are granted by certain equipped armor sets.
Accessory Ability Accessory Ability G Activates specific Accessory Abilities that are granted by certain equipped accessories.
Throwing Technique Throwing Technique Middle mouse button Activates specific Throwing Techniques that are set by Technique Scrolls.
Encase Encase U Encases the player in a protective shell or fragile cocoon.
Quick Eat Quick Eat O Consumes the last Cook's Food item in the inventory, starting from the bottom-right.


  • Using the Quick Eat key grants double the normal time of the Full Stomach debuff when used due to the easier use.