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Glacial Sting
  • Glacial Sting item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Uses ammoArrows
Damage33 Ranged
Knockback4 Weak
Critical chance4%
Use time22 Fast
TooltipTurns wooden arrows into glacial arrows
Glacial arrows may significantly hinder enemy movement
Inflicts DebuffFreezing.pngFreezing
Debuff duration2 seconds
Debuff tooltipThis enemies movement speed is noticeably lowered
RarityRarity Level: 5
Sell20000*2 Gold Coin.png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Borean Strider 1 20%
Treasure Bag (Borean Strider) 1 40%

The Glacial Sting is a Hardmode bow that is dropped by the Borean Strider. It turns any Wooden Arrows it fires into Glacial Arrows, which can pierce one enemy and apply the Freezing debuff upon enemies that significantly decreases their movement speed; however, bosses cannot receive this effect.


  • Nerfed Glacial Sting velocity from 12 to 10.
  • Nerfed damage from 42 to 33 and use time from 18 to 22.
  • Use time decreased from 20 to 18.
  • Decreased damage from 45 to 42 and increased use time from 17 to 20.
  • New visuals.
  • Introduced.