Thorium Mod Wiki

The Thorium Mod adds 2 new Pre-Hardmode enemies and 3 new Hardmode enemies to the Goblin Army event, as well as a few new drops that are useful for the player both early and later on in the game.


Goblin Army
Characters Unique Drops
Goblin Drummer.pngGoblin Drummer
Goblin Trapper.pngGoblin Trapper

In Hardmode

Goblin Spirit Guide.pngGoblin Spirit Guide
Goblin Spirit.pngGoblin Spirit[1]
Shadowflame Revenant.pngShadowflame Revenant[2]


Goblin Drummer Banner.pngGoblin Drummer Banner
Goblin Trapper Banner.pngGoblin Trapper Banner
Goblin Spirit Guide Banner.pngGoblin Spirit Guide Banner

From any Goblin Army enemy (except Goblin Summoners):

Yew Wood.pngYew Wood

From Goblin Trappers, Goblin Spirit Guides and Goblin Drummers:

Spiky Ball.pngSpiky Ball

From Goblin Trappers:

Spike Bomb.pngSpike Bomb

From Goblin Peons:

Goblin Warpipe.pngGoblin Warpipe

From Goblin Sorcerers:

Dark Gate.pngDark Gate

From Goblin Peons, Thieves, Warriors, Archers and Sorcerers (in Hardmode):

Shadow-Purge Caltrop.pngShadow-Purge Caltrop

From Goblin Summoners (in Hardmode):

Shadowflame Warhorn.pngShadowflame Warhorn
Shadow-Tipped Javelin.pngShadow-Tipped Javelin
  1. Spawns when any Goblin Army enemy dies while the Goblin Spirit Guide is active
  2. Summoned when Goblin Spirit Guide reaches the Goblin Spirits and uses his magic
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