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Inspiration Note
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RarityRarity Level: 0
For the crystals that increase your maximum inspiration, see Inspiration Fragment.

Inspiration Notes are common power-ups that can be dropped by any enemy (10% without any boosts), as well as from Music Note Statues when they are activated through wiring. This item cannot legitimately appear in the player's inventory; it is used upon pickup.

Collecting Inspiration Notes will restore the player's inspiration by a certain amount depending on how they are dropped. Regular notes will replenish 5 inspiration; notes spawned by the Music Note Statue will replenish 3; notes created while wearing the Noble armor will replenish 10; and notes created while wearing the Rhapsodist armor will replenish 8 and grant a random level I empowerment to all nearby players.


  • Notes spawned by Music Note Statues are colored cyan, to signify their lesser strength to regular notes.
  • Wearing the Marching Band armor or the Rhapsodist armor sets will make the inspiration notes turn red or yellow respectively, to signify the difference between the notes.


  • Sprites updated.
  • Now drops from enemies with a yellow color and additional bonuses when the Rhapsodist armor set is worn.
  • Now spawned from Music Note Statues with a teal color and lesser strength.
  • Introduced.