Thorium Mod Wiki

5 new Light Pets are added to the Thorium Mod, each of which have unique abilities that assist the player.

Light Pets[]

Buff Light Pet Item Source Special ability
Omega Drive (buff).png Omega.pngOmega Omega Drive.pngOmega Drive Treasure Bag (The Star Scouter).png Shoots lasers at nearby enemies
Restorative Lantern (buff).png Restorative Lantern.gifRestorative Lantern Demo's Guidance.pngDemo's Guidance Yuma's Pendant.png Heart Lantern.png + Star in a Bottle.png + 12 Darksteel Ingot.png + 4 Soul of Light.png + 4 Soul of Night.png   @   Tinkerer's Workshop.png Gives the player and nearby players the Heart Lantern and Star in a Bottle buffs
Life Spirit (buff).png Life Spirit.pngLife Spirit Twinkle.pngTwinkle 50 Pixie Dust.png + 8 Soul of Light.png   @   Work Bench.png Creates healing energy motes
Davy Jones' Lock Box (buff).png Davy Jones' Lock Box.pngDavy Jones' Lock Box Davy Jones Lock Box.pngDavy Jones Lock Box Tracker.pngTracker Every 10, 500 & 10,000 damage dealt will cause the chest to spit out a corresponding coin
The Holy Goat (buff).png The Holy Goat.pngThe Holy Goat Rich Leaf.pngRich Leaf Yuma's Pendant.png Spiritualist.pngSpiritualist Emits dim light
Tools: Enchanted Pickaxe.png Usual Tools • Molten Collar.png Summoning Tools • Hive Mind.png Summoner Tools • Technique - Smoke Bomb.png Thrower Tools • Heart Wand.png Healer Tools • Time Warp.png Other Tools