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  • Mjölnir item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage500 True
Knockback6 Average
Critical chance8%
Use time10 Very Fast
Tooltip'Let this weapon stand as proof of your success against all odds'
Rapidly throws an electrical image of the legendary Mjölnir
Right click to generate a protective electrical shield
RarityRarity Level: rainbow
Sell500000*50 Gold Coin.png
Treasure Bag.gif
Fortune and glory, kid.
Expert Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.
Not to be confused with Thor's Hammer.

The Mjölnir is a unique and powerful Hardmode, post-Moon Lord true damage weapon that is only obtainable in Expert Mode after defeating The Primordials. It rapidly throws returning images of the legendary hammer that can pierce enemies infinitely. The first hit of every throw will create a lightning chain that strikes up to 10 additional nearby enemies. When right-clicked instead, the hammer generates a shield of electricity that creates its own lightning chain when damaging enemies. The shield must recharge for 3 seconds afterwards before it can damage enemies again.

Note that it has no specific class, as it deals true damage rather than melee, ranged, magic, summon, throwing, radiant, or symphonic damage. This also means that its damage value is not affected by any other damage modifications. It also cannot receive modifiers.



Crafting Station
By Hand
Ingredient(s) Amount
Family Heirloom.png Family Heirloom 1
Dormant Hammer.png Dormant Hammer 1
Mjölnir.png Mjölnir 1


  • The Mjölnir is the name of Thor's hammer in Norse mythology. Even so, there is a completely different weapon in the Thorium Mod called Thor's Hammer.


  • Decreased use time from 14 to 10.
  • Sprite and effects updated.
    • Knockback decreased from 7 to 6, and critical strike chance decreased from 12% to 8%.
    • Added right-click attack.
  • Damage increased from 375 to 500.
  • Introduced.
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