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  • Nimbus item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
TypeMount Summon
Use time20 Very Fast
Tooltip'Happier days are on the horizon with this little fella'
Summons a mountable Wyvern
Grants BuffWyvern (buff).pngWyvern
Buff tooltipFeel the wind in your hair!
RarityRarity Level: 5
Buy / Sell15 Vanquisher Medal / 30000*3 Gold Coin.png
Summons Mount
Wyvern Mount.png

The Nimbus is a Mount summoning item that can be bought from the Tracker after completing the "Off Cloud Nine" contract. When used, it summons a ridable Wyvern.

The Wyvern can fly quickly in any direction and hover, but requires the arrow keys to be used to lift it off the ground. After 7.5 seconds of being constantly in the air, it will begin to descend automatically, and must land on the ground again to reset its flight time. It has a top speed of 42 miles per hour and negates fall damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The description of the mount is a reference to the Youtuber HappyDays, as they appear in his videos a lot more than in the average playthrough.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Buffed top speed from 42 to 51.
    • Top speed reduced from 82 to 42 mph.
    • Flight time reduced from 10 to 7.5 seconds.
  • Is now sold by the Tracker instead of being dropped from Wyverns.
  • Introduced.
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