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Out of Combat is a mechanic added by the Thorium Mod. Various items only function when the player is in combat or out of combat. A player is considered in combat if they have damaged or have been damaged by an enemy in the last 5 seconds. After 5 full seconds of doing neither, the player will be considered out of combat.

Out of Combat[edit | edit source]

Source Effect
Blooming Shield.png Blooming Shield Increases the player's Life recovery by 1 up to 5 every other second.
Assassin Potion.png Assassin Potion Causes the next throwing attack to critical strike for 4× the damage.
Pacifist Necklace.png Pacifist Necklace Increases the player's additional healing by 1.
Recovery Wand.png Recovery Wand Increases healing done by 3×.

In Combat[edit | edit source]

Source Effect
Medical Bag.png Medical Bag Grants you 1 Life recovery for 10 seconds.
Danger Helmet.png Danger Helmet Increases the player's Life recovery by 2.
Danger Mail.png Danger Mail Increases the player's Defense by 1 up to 8 every second.
Danger Greaves.png Danger Greaves Increases the player's movement speed by 10%.
Out of Combat items
Recovery Wand.pngRecovery Wand • Blooming Shield.pngBlooming Shield • Pacifist Necklace.pngPacifist Necklace • Assassin Potion.pngAssassin Potion
Danger armor.pngDanger armor • Medical Bag.pngMedical Bag
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