Thorium Mod Wiki

The Thorium Mod adds 28 new Pets. Like normal Terraria pets, they serve no purpose other than to be visually appealing.


Buff Pet Item Source Provides Light
Abyssal Bunny (buff).png Abyssal Bunny.pngAbyssal Bunny Abyssal Whistle.pngAbyssal Whistle Yuma's Pendant.png Any enemy in The Underworld No
Amnesiac Girl.png Amnesiac.gifAmnesiac Green Firefly.pngGreen Firefly Yuma's Pendant.png Pixie Dust.pngPixie Dust (30)
Soul of Sight.pngSoul of Sight (5)
  @   Crystal Ball.png
Ancient Rat (buff).png Ancient Rat.pngAncient Rat Ancient Cheese Block.pngAncient Cheese Block Gold Mouse.pngGold Mouse No
Beet Cookie (buff).png Beet Cookie.gifBeet Cookie Sweet Beet.pngSweet Beet Yuma's Pendant.png Cook.pngCook No
Bio-Feeder (buff).png Bio-Feeder.pngBio-Feeder Bio-Pod.pngBio-Pod Yuma's Pendant.png Astro Beetle.pngAstro Beetle, Lost Probe.pngLost Probe, Hostile Invader.pngHostile Invader No
Chaotic Creature.png Chaotic Pet.pngChaotic Pet Chaotic Marble.pngChaotic Marble Yuma's Pendant.png Diamond.pngDiamond
Soul of Night.pngSoul of Night (10)
  @   Crystal Ball.png
Clownfish (buff).png Clownfish (pet).pngClownfish Fish Egg.pngFish Egg Large Coral.pngLarge Coral No
Curious Coinling (buff).png Curious Coinling.pngCurious Coinling Ancient Drachma.pngAncient Drachma Coin Bag Mimic.pngCoin Bag Mimic No
Exotic Myna (buff).png Exotic Myna.pngExotic Myna Exotic Myna Egg.pngExotic Myna Egg Yuma's Pendant.png Myna.pngMyna No
Experiment 3 (buff).png Experiment 3 (pet).pngExperiment #3 Experiment 3.pngExperiment 3 Yuma's Pendant.png Flesh Block.pngFlesh Block (20)
Demon Wings.pngDemon Wings
  @   Flesh Cloning Vat.png
Ferret (buff).png Ferret (pet).pngFerret Fragmented Rune.pngFragmented Rune Yuma's Pendant.png Wizard.pngWizard No
Flying Blister (buff).png Flying Blister.pngFlying Blister Blister Sack.pngBlister Sack Blister Pod.pngBlister Pod No
Glitter Fiend (buff).png Glitter Fiend.pngGlitter Fiend Shiny Object.pngShiny Object Tracker.pngTracker No
Glommer (buff).png Glommer.gifGlommer Full Moon Blossom.pngFull Moon Blossom Yuma's Pendant.png Any enemy in the Jungle in Hardmode at night during a Full Moon No
Jellyfish in a Bubble (buff).png Jellyfish in a Bubble.pngJellyfish in a Bubble Jellyfish Idol.pngJellyfish Idol Diverman.pngDiverman No
Lil' Maid (buff).png Lil' Maid.gifLil' Maid Simple Broom.pngSimple Broom Yuma's Pendant.png Iron Bar.pngIron Bar / Lead Bar.pngLead Bar (8)
Hay.pngHay (15)
  @   Iron Anvil.png / Lead Anvil.png
Lil' Mog (buff).png Lil' Mog.pngLil' Mog Delectable Nut.pngDelectable Nut Yuma's Pendant.png Unicorn.pngUnicorn, Pixie.pngPixie, Gastropod.pngGastropod,
Light Mummy.pngLight Mummy, Dreamer Ghoul.pngDreamer Ghoul, Rainbow Slime.pngRainbow Slime
Lil' Necromancer (buff).png Lil' Necromancer.pngLil' Necromancer Guild's Staff.pngGuild's Staff Yuma's Pendant.png Map Icon Skeletron.pngSkeletron No
Lyrist (buff).png Lyrist.gifLyrist Model Gun.pngModel Gun Yuma's Pendant.png Hoplite.pngHoplite, Ancient Archer.pngAncient Archer, Ancient Charger.pngAncient Charger, Ancient Phalanx.pngAncient Phalanx, Medusa.pngMedusa No
Totally Normal Dog.png Normal Dog.pngNormal Dog Fresh Pickle.pngFresh Pickle Yuma's Pendant.png Cook.pngCook No
Partridge (buff).png Partridge.gifPartridge Pear Tree Sapling.pngPear Tree Sapling Present.pngPresent No
Pink Slime (buff).png Pink Slime.gifPink Slime Pink Slime Egg.pngPink Slime Egg Yuma's Pendant.png Pink Gel.pngPink Gel (25)
  @   Work Bench.png
Skunk (buff).png Skunk.pngSkunk Aromatic Biscuit.pngAromatic Biscuit Yuma's Pendant.png Cook.pngCook No
Lost Snowy Owl (buff).png Lost Snowy Owl.gifLost Snowy Owl Forgotten Letter.pngForgotten Letter Snowy Owl.pngSnowy Owl No
Subterranean Angler (buff).png Subterranean Angler (pet).pngSubterranean Angler Subterranean Bulb.pngSubterranean Bulb Yuma's Pendant.png Fishing in the Ocean at Night No
Tanuki Girl (buff).png Tanuki Girl.gifTanuki Girl Balloon Ball.pngBalloon Ball Yuma's Pendant.png Leather.pngLeather (10)
  @   Loom.png
Tortle Sage (buff).png Tortle Sage.gifTortle Sage Tortle Scute.pngTortle Scute Yuma's Pendant.png Giant Tortoise.pngGiant Tortoise No
Wyvern Pup (buff).png Wyvern Pup.gifWyvern Pup Cloudy Chew Toy.pngCloudy Chew Toy Wyvern Head.pngWyvern No