Primordial Essences

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Primordial Essences
  • Death Essence.png   Inferno Essence.png   Ocean Essence.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeCrafting material
RarityRarity Level: 10
Sell13500*1 Gold Coin.png 35 Silver Coin.png

Primordial Essences are crafting materials dropped by The Primordials. There are three types, each corresponding to one of the bosses. They are used at the Ancient Manipulator crafting station to craft several powerful end-game armors and weapons.

Types[edit | edit source]

Fragment Corresponds to
Death Essence.png Death Essence Omnicide, the Life Defiler.png Omnicide, the Life Defiler
Inferno Essence.png Inferno Essence Slag Fury, the First Flame.png Slag Fury, the First Flame
Ocean Essence.png Ocean Essence Aquaius, the Endless Tide.png Aquaius, the Endless Tide

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The essences each correspond to one or two weapon classes. Death Essences are used for Ranged weapon users, Inferno Essences for Magic weapon and Summon weapon users, and Ocean Essences for Melee weapon and Throwing weapon users. Items for Bards and Healers use a combination of all three essences.

History[edit | edit source]

Primordial Essences

Death Essence.pngDeath Essence • Inferno Essence.pngInferno Essence • Ocean Essence.pngOcean Essence
Omni-Bow.pngOmni-Bow • Omni-Cannon.pngOmni-Cannon • The Javelin.pngThe Javelin • Wyrm Decimator.pngWyrm Decimator • Assassin's Guard.pngAssassin armor
Almanac of Agony.pngAlmanac of Agony • Devil's Claw.pngDevil's Claw • Ember Staff.pngEmber Staff • Promethean Staff.pngPromethean Staff • Pyromancer's Tabard.pngPyromancer armor
Ocean's Judgement.pngOcean's Judgement • Seven Seas Devastator.pngSeven Seas Devastator • Tidal Wave.pngTidal Wave • Deity's Trefork.pngDeity's Trefork • Tide Turner's Depth-Guard.pngTide Turner armor
Reality Slasher.pngReality Slasher • Lucidity.pngLucidity • Unbound Fantasy.pngUnbound Fantasy • Dream Catcher.pngDream Catcher • Dream Weaver's Tabard.pngDream Weaver armor
Sousaphone.pngSousaphone • The Set.pngThe Set • Edge of Imagination.pngEdge of Imagination • Holophonor.pngHolophonor • Rhapsodist's Chest-Woofer.pngRhapsodist armor
Terrarian's Last Knife.pngTerrarian's Last Knife • Quasar's Flare.pngQuasar's Flare • Northern Light.pngNorthern Light • Black MIDI.pngBlack MIDI • Otherworldly Rune.pngOtherworldly Rune

Consumables: Life Water.png Potions ( Frost-Heart Elixir.png Buff Potions ) • Shade Kunai.png Thrown Weapons
Icy Arrow.png Ammunition • Band.png Materials ( Icy Shard.png Drops • Thorium Ore.png Ores and Thorium Bar.png Bars ) • Grand Flare Gun.png Other