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All gem rings are crafted from a Band, 5 Arcane Dust, and 1 of each respective gem at an Anvil, and can also be found in Scarlet Chests. Only one ring can be equipped in the functional slot at a time.
Accessory Effect Equipped
Amber Ring.pngAmber Ring Increases minion damage by 1.
Amber Ring (equipped).png
Amethyst Ring.pngAmethyst Ring Reduces damage taken by 3.
Amethyst Ring (equipped).png
Diamond Ring.pngDiamond Ring Increases critical strike chance by 3%. Increases critical strike damage by 3%.
Diamond Ring (equipped).png
Emerald Ring.pngEmerald Ring Increases ranged damage by 1.
Emerald Ring (equipped).png
Onyx Ring.pngOnyx Ring Increases armor penetration by 1.
Onyx Ring (equipped).png
Opal Ring.pngOpal Ring Increases symphonic damage by 1.
Opal Ring (equipped).png
Pearl Ring.pngPearl Ring Increases radiant damage by 1.
Pearl Ring (equipped).png
Ruby Ring.pngRuby Ring Increases melee damage by 1.
Ruby Ring (equipped).png
Sapphire Ring.pngSapphire Ring Increases magic damage by 1.
Sapphire Ring (equipped).png
Topaz Ring.pngTopaz Ring Increases throwing damage by 1.
Topaz Ring (equipped).png
The Ring is crafted from all 10 regular gem rings at an Tinkerer's Workshop.
Accessory Effect Equipped
The Ring.pngThe Ring Increases all damage by 2. Increases armor penetration by 2. Reduces damage taken by 4. Increases critical strike chance by 4%. Increases critical strike damage by 4%.
The Ring (equipped).png


  • Removed Enchanted Gem Rings.
    • Introduced Onyx Ring and Enchanted Onyx Ring.
    • Introduced Pearl Ring and Enchanted Pearl Ring.
    • Introduced Opal Ring and Enchanted Opal Ring.
    • Introduced Enchanted Gem Rings and The Ring.
    • Now properly display their bonus damage on weapons.
  • Introduced.