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This is a donator item! It is dedicated to: FiveSix78
Sandshroud Pouch
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  • Sandshroud Pouch equipped
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TypeAccessoryCrafting material
TooltipDamaging an enemy with a yoyo will grant you 10% damage reduction until you take damage
This effect must recharge for 15 seconds after protecting you
Grants BuffYoyo Protection.pngYoyo Protection
Buff tooltipPartially protected against the next hit
Inflicts DebuffYoyo Exhaustion.pngYoyo Exhaustion
Debuff duration15 seconds
Debuff tooltipCannot currently recieve: Yoyo Protection
RarityRarity level: Donator
Sell1800*18 Silver Coin.png

The Sandshroud Pouch is a craftable accessory. When equipped, it causes yoyo strikes to grant the player a 10% damage reduction for their next hit from enemies. There is a 15-second recharge period between damage reductions.



Crafting Station
Iron Anvil.pngIron Anvil /
Lead Anvil.pngLead Anvil
Ingredient(s) Amount
Sturdy Fossil.png Sturdy Fossil 10
Antlion Mandible.png Antlion Mandible 8
Leather.png Leather 5
Sandshroud Pouch.png Sandshroud Pouch 1

Used in[]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Blizzard Pouch.png Frostburn Pouch.pngFrostburn Pouch Tinkerer's Workshop.pngTinkerer's Workshop
Frost Core.pngFrost Core
Forbidden Fragment.pngForbidden Fragment
Sandshroud Pouch.pngSandshroud Pouch


  • If the Show Donator Item Color configuration option is disabled, the Sandshroud Pouch will have a rarity of Rarity Level: 1 instead of the standard Rarity level: Donator.