Snow Singa

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Snow SingaHardmode exclusive
Snow Singa.png
EnvironmentFrost Legion
AI TypeSnowman AI
Damage45 / 90
Max Life260 / 520
KB Resist40% / 46%
Grants buffEnraged.pngEnraged
Buff tooltipThis enemy is dealing 15% more contact damage
Immune toPoisoned.pngVenom.pngOn Fire!.pngCursed Inferno.pngShadowflame.png
BannerSnow Singa Banner.pngSnow Singa Banner
Coins400*4 Silver Coin.png

The Snow Singa is a Hardmode enemy found on the Surface during the Frost Legion event. He attacks the player by dealing contact damage, and will dash and bounce around the terrain, making it difficult to hit him. Enemies that move near the Snow Singa' will receive the Enraged buff, increasing their contact damage.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Sprite updated.
    • Increased damage from 40 / 80 to 45 / 90 and defense from 20 to 24.
    • Decreased life from 280 / 560 to 260 / 520.
    • Changed immunities.
  • Introduced.
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