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This is a donator item!
Terrarian's Last Knife
  • Terrarian's Last Knife item sprite
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Damage250 Melee
Knockback7 Left-click
3.5 Right-click
Critical chance20%
Use time7 Left-click
23 Right-click
TooltipRapidly swings a large, life siphoning knife
Right click to unleash a massive torrent of blood
RarityRarity level: Donator
Sell250000*25 Gold Coin.png

Terrarian's Last Knife left-click and right-click animations. Note the torrent of blood passing through blocks.

The Terrarian's Last Knife is a craftable post-Moon Lord broadsword. It returns a certain percentage of the damage done with each swing as life back to the wielder. When swung using right-click, it will swing slower but launch a massive blood torrent projectile with every swing, which travels through tiles and damages and pierces all enemies it contacts, at the cost of losing the life siphoning ability. The sword also emits particles when swung.

Its best modifier is Legendary.



Crafting Station
Ancient Manipulator.pngAncient Manipulator
Ingredient(s) Amount
Psycho Knife.png Psycho Knife 1
Inferno Essence.png Inferno Essence 3
Death Essence.png Death Essence 3
Ocean Essence.png Ocean Essence 3
Luminite Bar.png Luminite Bar 20
Stardust Fragment.png Stardust Fragment 26
Vortex Fragment.png Vortex Fragment 26
Nebula Fragment.png Nebula Fragment 26
Solar Fragment.png Solar Fragment 26
Terrarian's Last Knife.png Terrarian's Last Knife 1


  • If the Show Donator Item Color configuration option is disabled, the Terrarian's Last Knife will have a rarity of Rarity Level: 10 instead of the standard Rarity level: Donator.


  • Nerfed damage from 275 to 250, use time of blood torrent from 18 to 23, and buffed use time from 9 to 7.
    • Sprite updated and recipe changed.
    • Damage decreased from 300 to 275.
    • Effect reworked.
  • Introduced.