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Terrarium Defender
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Defense20 (when below 25% life)
TooltipGrants immunity to most debuffs
Grants immunity to knockback and fire blocks
Maximum life increased by 20
Prolonges after hit invincibility
When above 25% life, absorbs 25% of damage done to nearby players on your team
When below 25% life, you will rapidly regenerate life and gain increased defense
Grants BuffPaladin's Shield (buff).pngPaladin's Shield
Buff durationInfinite (while conditions are met)
Buff tooltip25% of damage taken will be redirected to another player
Grants BuffTerraria's Kiss.pngTerraria's Kiss
Buff durationInfinite (while conditions are met)
Buff tooltipThe forces of Terraria are healing you
RarityRarity Level: rainbow
Sell80000*8 Gold Coin.png
For an extensive guide to crafting this item, see Guide:Crafting a Terrarium Defender.

The Terrarium Defender is an accessory that increases maximum life and length of invincibility after taking damage, as well as providing immunity to knockback, fire blocks, and many debuffs. When the wearer is above 25% life, it grants all nearby players on their team the Paladin's Shield buff which causes 25% of any damage inflicted on them to transfer to the wearer of the shield instead. When the wearer is below 25% life, it provides them with the Terraria's Kiss buff, increasing their defense by 20 and massively increasing their life regeneration.

It provides immunity to the following debuffs:



Crafting Station
Ancient Manipulator.pngAncient Manipulator
Ingredient(s) Amount
Terrarium Core.png Terrarium Core 12
Ankh Shield.png Ankh Shield 1
Holy Aegis.png Holy Aegis 1
Frozen Turtle Shell.png Frozen Turtle Shell 1
Terrarium Defender.png Terrarium Defender 1

Crafting tree[]


  • Both the Terrarium Defender and The Cape of the Survivor have the "-Omni Shield-" tag in their description, and cannot be worn simultaneously.


    • Buffed defense and life regen increases to both activate at 25% life.
    • It now also protects from Cursed Inferno and Shadowflame debuffs.
  • Now uses maximum life percentage instead of flat amount.
  • Now crafted at Ancient Manipulator.
  • Introduced.