The Crimson

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The Crimson features 2 new Pre-Hardmode and 3 new Hardmode enemies, as well as 4 new Crimson Snow enemies and a Crimson Underworld enemy.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The Crimson
Characters Unique Drops
Living Hemorrhage.pngLiving Hemorrhage
Clot.pngClot(From Living Hemorrhage)

In Crimson Snow:

Frozen Face.pngFrozen Face

In Hardmode:

Blister Pod.pngBlister Pod
Blister.pngBlister(From Blister Pod)

In Crimson Snow

Frozen Gross.pngFrozen Gross

In Crimson Underworld



Living Hemorrhage Banner.pngLiving Hemorrhage Banner
Blister Pod Banner.pngBlister Pod Banner
Crimipede Banner.pngCrimipede Banner

From Crimson Snow variants:

Coolmera Banner.pngCoolmera Banner
Frozen Face Banner.pngFrozen Face Banner
Coldling Banner.pngColdling Banner
Frozen Gross Banner.pngFrozen Gross Banner

From Crimson Underworld:

Epidermon Banner.pngEpidermon Banner

From Blister Pods:

Blister Sack.pngBlister Sack

From Blister Pods and Crimipedes:

Unfathomable Flesh.pngUnfathomable Flesh

From Coldlings and Frozen Grosses:

Spine Buster.pngSpine Buster

From Crimson Snow variants:

Icy Shard.pngIcy Shard

From Epidermons:

Molten Residue.pngMolten Residue

From Fishing:

Brain Coral.pngBrain Coral

Notes[edit | edit source]

Surface Layers Forest • Desert • Ocean • Snow biome • The Corruption • The Crimson • The Hallow
Underground Layers Aquatic Depths • Cavern • Dungeon • Ice biome • Underground Desert • Underground Jungle • Underground Mushroom • Underground Hallow • The Underworld
Mini-Biomes and Structures Blood Chamber • Floating Island • Granite Cave • Lihzahrd Temple • Marble Cave • Meteorite • Spider Cave