Thorium Mod Wiki

The Thorium Mod adds several new vanity items to provide additional ways to spruce up the player's cosmetic options.

All Vanity Items[]

Vanity Pieces
Vanity Sets
Ancient Armor Sets

These sets are based on the designs of various armor sets seen in older versions of the Thorium Mod. Unlike ancient armor pieces in vanilla, these sets do not provide any stats when equipped, and are solely for aesthetics.

Donator Sets

These sets are dedicated to donators who have supported the Thorium Mod. While they can be disabled using configuration options, donator sets otherwise are obtained in the same manner as normal vanity sets.

Blocky set.png Blocky set (Direwolf420)
Item Type
Blocky Mask.png Blocky Mask Social Helmet
Blocky Shirt.png Blocky Shirt Social Shirt
Blocky Pants.png Blocky Pants Social Pants
Brutal set.png Brutal set (Brutallama)
Item Type
Brutal Mask.png Brutal Mask Social Helmet
Brutal Chestguard.png Brutal Chestguard Social Shirt
Brutal Greaves.png Brutal Greaves Social Pants
Cataclysmic set.png Cataclysmic set (EveryoneWasDragged)
Item Type
Cataclysmic Hollow Mask.png Cataclysmic Hollow Mask Social Helmet
Cataclysmic Garb.png Cataclysmic Garb Accessory
Chunky set.png Chunky set (AdipemDragon)
Item Type
Chunky Helmet.png Chunky Helmet Social Helmet
Chunky Mail.png Chunky Mail Social Shirt
Chunky Greaves.png Chunky Greaves Social Pants
Danny's Lament set.png Danny's Lament set (Uncle Danny)
Item Type
Danny's Lament Mask.png Danny's Lament Mask Social Helmet
Danny's Lament Suit.png Danny's Lament Suit Social Shirt
Danny's Lament Leggings.png Danny's Lament Leggings Social Pants
Ghastly set.png Ghastly set (Durrani)
Item Type
Ghastly Hood.png Ghastly Hood Social Helmet
Ghastly Garment.png Ghastly Garment Social Shirt
Ghastly Leggings.png Ghastly Leggings Social Pants
Grand Thorium set.png Grand Thorium set (DivermanSam)
Item Type
Grand Thorium Helmet.png Grand Thorium Helmet Social Helmet
Grand Thorium Breastplate.png Grand Thorium Breastplate Social Shirt
Grand Thorium Greaves.png Grand Thorium Greaves Social Pants
Halcandran set.png Halcandran set (Barometz)
Item Type
Halcandran Hood.png Halcandran Hood Social Helmet
Halcandran Tabard.png Halcandran Tabard Social Shirt
Halcandran Pants.png Halcandran Pants Social Pants
Mr. Universe set.png Mr. Universe set (Krispion)
Item Type
Mr. Universe's Mask.png Mr. Universe's Mask Social Helmet
Mr. Universe's Suit.png Mr. Universe's Suit Social Shirt
Mr. Universe's Pants.png Mr. Universe's Pants Social Pants
Shinobi set.png Shinobi set (BluNinja)
Item Type
Shinobi Mask.png Shinobi Mask Social Helmet
Shinobi Gi.png Shinobi Gi Social Shirt
Shinobi Treads.png Shinobi Treads Social Pants
Spheromancer set.png Spheromancer set (DarkLight)
Item Type
Spheromancer Mask.png Spheromancer Mask Social Helmet
Spheromancer Suit.png Spheromancer Suit Social Shirt
Spheromancer Pants.png Spheromancer Pants Social Pants
Wild set.png Wild set (Exodus Starlit)
Item Type
Wild Antlers.png Wild Antlers Social Helmet
Wild Robe.png Wild Robe Social Shirt
Wild Loincloth.png Wild Loincloth Social Pants
Phonic Wings (Shiki Sakura)
Item Type
Phonic Wings.png Phonic Wings Wings

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